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Shuffleboard court factory

Plastic shuffleboard court since 1993

Since 1993, shuffleboard players all over the planet have enjoyed the gliding, portable, secure and maintenance-free shuffleboard courts that Planet Shuffleboard offers as an alternative to conventional cement courts. If you are looking to refresh your current installation or are simply looking for a brand new one, our exclusive plastic tile design offers you the best market value and comes with a 20 years warranty.

Available in two versions

Your shuffleboard court is made in Canada by Planet Shuffleboard

Our courts are available from $ 950 CAD. They are available in 2 versions:

Official for outside. The green surface for playing is 6 ‘x 40’ and the tour can be of different options.

Reduced to 2/3 for the interior. The green surface for playing is then 4 ‘x 27’ and the tour can be of different options.

Obviously you can choose one or the other version for the interior or the exterior according to your available space and your budget.

They can even be tailor-made, according to your needs.

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Gliding ability

Shuffleboard players are looking for surfaces offering excellent sliding quality. Our plastic tiles are specially designed to minimize friction between the pucks and the ground.

These tiles are made specifically for shuffleboard courts with exclusive Planet Shuffleboard molds.. No more glass beads, messes of wax and products to apply!

Plastic Shuffleboard Court



Although the pucks slide like on ice, players can walk on the court safely.

We have eliminated the risk of injury associated with courts requiring beads or wax. Too often, older people experience fractures while playing on slippery surfaces.

Easy to move

Your prepainted shuffleboard court can be easily assembled and disassembled in a few minutes using sheets of the desired size (e.g. 3 ft x 6 ft, 2 ft x 3 ft, 3 ft x 3 ft, etc.).

This feature allows you to use your land all year long. And if, for whatever reason, you have to change it or move it, you can do it easily!

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Maintenance free

Your plastic shuffleboard court requires very little maintenance. You just have to remove the debris. You can easily clean it with a garden hose or leaf blower. However, the use of a pressure washer is not recommended because of the painted lines..

In addition, by protecting your land from harmful ultraviolet rays, you will help keep it in good condition for many years.

Existing court

Tired of your cement court?

You just have to cover it with Planet Shuffleboard plastic court, and voila!

New courts

Your plastic shuffleboard can be installed on any flat surface on your property. If you need to build a base for your court, we recommend a wooden platform, as it will be easy to level if the ground moves during the winter or the earth becomes hard and compact over the years. The pucks will not be scratched on the wooden surface and will retain their sliding capacity even longer.

If you choose a cement base, we recommend terrain # 1 or # 2

Exclusive concept

As you probably already know, plastic expands and contracts when subjected to temperature changes. It is therefore very important, when choosing your court, to make sure that the plastic tiles have an expansion joint that will allow some play. Otherwise, the contraction of the plastic will form waves, and you will then be unable to serve it.

Planet Shuffleboard tiles have expansion joints every 3 inches.

Plastic shuffleboard court elements

20 year warranty

Your shuffleboard court comes with a 20-year warranty. If your court is defective, even if it is only partially, we will replace it without asking questions.

We provide a written guarantee with the purchase of each court.

Obviously, there is an annual depreciation.

Best price guaranteed

As our courts are made in Canada, we can offer you the best prices. If you find a better price from one of our competitors, let us know!

Not only will we offer you its price and a better product, but we will also apply a 5% discount on any written quote from our competitor.

From $ 950.00 CAD

You only have to click here for a full price list. We will send you the complete price list and the list of our products on sale by email or by post.

Two versions

We offer 6 different models with standard dimensions of 6 ‘x 40’ (minimum green play area). See our 6 official models

Is your space or budget limited? Here is the perfect solution! Choose one of the 6 compact models measuring 4 ‘x 27’ (minimum green play area).

See our 6 scale models