#5 Compact Mini A 4’x 27′

This shuffleboard court is one of our less expensive compacted size models. This is a compact court of 4’x27′ ( with no shooting area (red), but with a yellow border around the entire perimeter.

You must plan space for shooting area of 4’x4 ‘at the 2 ends.

This court is ideal on a base of wood, carpet, plastic, synthetic grass or linoleum. Not recommended on cement, asphalt or paving stones.

This court is made of:  108 sq.ft. of green tiles + no red tiles + 62 ft. of white bumper. 

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We are giving it to UPS the day after receipt of payment.

UPS delivers between 1 and 5 days in Canada and USA


Your shuffleboard court comes with a 20 year warranty. If your court, or any part of it is defective, it will be replaced, no questions asked. We provide a written warranty with every court purchased.

A depreciation is apply for enjoyment every year.

This court is offered in 2 formats

Official playing surface of 6’x 40 ‘(green surface with triangles and numbers painted in white)

Reduced surface to 2/3 of 4’x 27 ‘(green surface with triangles and numbers painted in white)

The red surface is in addition at the ends and on the sides.