#8 Deluxe 4” discs Set

$299.99 $269.99

This EXCLUSIVE set is perfect for playing on compact court of 4 ft. wide (4’x 27 ‘).

You will receive 4 each LIFETIME WARRANTY * sticks 6 feet long with a value of CAN $ 34.99 each (CAN $ 139.96), a set of LIFETIME WARRANTY * 4” discs at CAN $ 94.99 each, a discs carrier at $ 14.99 CAN, a dry-erase laminated scoreboard at $ 27.99 CAN, a dry eraser pen at 2.08 $ CAN, a hook for sticks at 9.99 $ CAN, a wax bar to use on cement at $ 9.99 CAD or a Jig-a-Loo/Static Guard for use on plastic courts.

Total: CAN $ 299.99 – CAN $ 30.00 off = CAN $ 269.99



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We are giving it to UPS the day after receipt of payment.

UPS delivers between 1 and 5 days in Canada and USA

Lifetime warranty *

If you break or damage your sticks or pucks, we will replace them without question. Simply return the damaged item to us and we will deliver a new one.

* Normal wear and tear caused by friction is not guaranteed.

Choice of discs colors combination

When ordering, you must choose discs colors combination.

White and yellow ( best seen on dark color court ) like the dark green plastic court.

Yellow and Black  ( best seen on pale color court ) like the white  plastic court

Black and white