#1 Rolls-Royce 10’x 52′

This is our top-of-the line court. It is a 6’ x 40’ court with 2 shooting sections of 6’ x 6’ both end and a 2 ft. walkway on both sides. The perimeter has a white stripe that keeps the disks in the plastic area.

This guarantees you an outstanding quality of sliding, because the pucks does not scratch on the plastic. This also avoid players to step outside of the court to pick-up their discs.

This court is ideal on any base (patio of wood or composite, carpet, synthetic grass or linoleum) It is essential on cement, asphalt or paving stone

This court is made of:  240 sq.ft. of green tiles + 280 sq.ft. of red tiles + 124 ft. of white bumper. 

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We are giving it to UPS the day after receipt of payment.

UPS delivers between 1 and 5 days in Canada and USA.


Your shuffleboard court comes with a 20 year warranty. If your court, or any part of it is defective, it will be replaced, no questions asked. We provide a written warranty with every court purchased.

A depreciation is apply for enjoyment every year.

This court is offered in 2 formats

Official playing surface of 6’x 40 ‘(green surface with triangles and numbers painted in white)

Reduced surface to 2/3 of 4’x 27 ‘(green surface with triangles and numbers painted in white)

The red surface is in addition at the ends and on the sides.